Wondering Lately | Blocks and books

I’m thinking this sort of series will reside on one day of the week, but I haven’t decided on which. Thoughts? Maybe I’ll just keep it free-flowing. Because I’ve had an unusually active week aside from finals, this one will be called “Wondering Lately” for the last weekish’s curiosities.

So here’s what’s had me wondering lately:

Hope and Lily Stockman began the textile company Block Shop to create environmentally, financially and culturally sustainable work in Bagru, India, where they’ve teamed up with printers who have mastered the traditional craft of hand block printing. I may or may not have played the video 2,000 times for the gorgeous music, color and rhythm.

BOOK: The Opposite of Loneliness, by Marina Keegan
FINALLY finished this one night I couldn’t sleep! Though not a skilled practitioner, I am one who believes a nice regular dose of creative fiction/nonfiction is good for the soul.

The Opposite of Loneliness

Marina Keegan was a determined, searching mind and an articulate storyteller. Would not recommend this for beginning or younger than high school, but I’ve taken since the summer to complete this because of how inspired I would be to write after reading her voice. Didn’t want it to end. Thank you, Marina. It’s inspiring to think of how much care friends took to curate her stories in a way true to her way of considering, laughing and crying about the world.

STYLE: Party dress
There are just some garments that are a work of art, and this dress by Eva Franco is one of them.

Eva Franco dress

When I bought it during Anthropologie’s dress sale (which is apparently pretty rare!), it was 20% off. The girl who helped me in the dressing room said it proved a winner on a variety of body types! I had the pleasure of wearing the comfy A-line to a masquerade party, and a new friend thought that perhaps I had made it because of its wonderful fit! The adjustable belt and light corduroy made it great for a cool winter night’s event. Not sure when I’ll get to wear it next, but it’s a keeper! Its rich hue and delicate sparkle give it the whimsy and grace of an art piece.

A lot more has had me excited but much is pending in review C:
Until next time!


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