It’s universally essential to live with a teachable heart, one open to learning new and better things from others. It’s not common to me that a teaching spirit is a rather rare thing. Whether in word or example, teaching seems to me like the most important general legacy one can have in their daily life, and in turn, their whole life.

It doesn’t have to be teaching professionally whatsoever. But to share what one has gathered and to be willing to mentor those who haven’t yet come as far is a striving for generosity that we should all chase. If you can give nothing else, a willing ear and helpful word are absolute gold to pass around.

You may never get to understand the ripple effect of blessing you lend a hand in, but the gifts that come out of it will impact others in ways you won’t believe, and create more room in your heart for love.

Anyway. Thoughts from getting to sit on the floor with a 5-year-old who is excitedly learning to read. 🙂

Hopefully one day she will get wrapped up in stories of beauty and voraciously devour books on every subject and skill she wishes to take on. I’m excited.

Be brave, KaraKara. ❤


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