Mel Solo #1 | Return of the Collegiate Junior

On Friday morning at 7 a.m., I arrived at the computer lab I’ve lived in this semester.

Mission objective: to complete a final web design project, burn a CD of all projects, slap an Illustrator-designed sticker on that CD and tackle the class’ final. Almost thought it would be impossible as a sonic alarm rang behind our classroom and my professor conducted class as usual, but the dog-go-crazy siren stopped as soon as it was time to work, and I’m pleased to say I’m happily satisfied enough with the webpage I built from scratch in two hours.

On Friday morning at 10:30 a.m., I sat in the same spot with the same friend in the same breakfast place, where we ate the same things, had the same waitress, and I treated said brother for being a loyal friend to the serious flake I’ve been this week.

Later that day, I began this blog. And the next morning, after much household (dorm hold?) shuffling of belongings, I began to head home! In the elevator, I empathized with another girl and her dad and brother over the necessarily numerous belongings that simply come with being a lady.

“Good thing I have a truck!” said her dad. I told her to have a good break, loaded up this child of mine, and proceeded to have a solo adventure in the Arts District.

All loaded up!

Maybe this comes as you grow up (or maybe it doesn’t), but the warmth and brightness of the Christmas season hasn’t hit me just yet. (Maybe because of finals?) I embraced this chocolate peppermint Luna bar (thanks Chloe!!) and with it said, “Bring it” to holiday cheer.

Then I was off!

Pretty good!

It wasn’t too long before I arrived in L.A. Parallel-parked like A BEAST (free-ness solidified the beast-ness). First stop was Apolis. Kind of wish I took more pictures, kind of really glad I didn’t! But this is a cool book I saw while walking through Poketo. Mikayla, if you ever see this, this reminded me of you. 🙂 Picked up a cool postcard there that was a vector illustrated map of the Arts District! May have to keep it in my car. Could be useful.

Hmm possible wish list item...
Hmm possible wish list item…

So this baby went to her first sample sale! And for the neat coat and other possible Christmas gifts she purchased to distribute—she thinks the two free coffees she got (and the one fancy one she did not buy) kind of justify it. Kind of. Cold brew is sOuR! Three free posters are not. What.

Funny thing how the artsy L.A. scene is interconnected here and there. Wanted to say hello to a girl I had met in the fall, who told me rather quickly things close to her heart. Kindred spirit in that respect. While she was busy with a customer, I ended up asking a guy, “I know the sign says the posters are free, but is it okay if I take two?”

“Of course!” He said. He squinted in consideration, and swiveled around back to work saying resolutely, “Take three.” I made a few more wandering glances at the store’s displays and picked up that third poster. He was cute. Okay.

Candle and a

Loving this Redwood Ember candle so much. It’s one of the spoils of that visit to Apolis’ Holiday Sample sale! It’s also been a winner with my family, while my last favorite candles have not been. Whoops, haha! Ended the night with an attempt at Ingrid Nilsen’s hazelnut chocolate chai latte.

I’m gonna need to try again.

Adventure alone sometimes. Smile at new people and ask questions. Look at, read and pick up curious things. Then stop spending all your money on everything bougie-cool. 😂

Sweet bonding with my big-little brother over pho that night.

So begins winter break.

2015? Bring it.


Sup pudding cup?

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