Noggin Noms | The Sea in Between

The Sea In Between – Trailer from Mason Jar Music on Vimeo.

I’ve seen that it can be incredibly difficult for me to sit down and do just one thing, like read, without being vigilant for the next thing to do or jot down. Or watch a new movie or documentary without a specific topic I want to be more learned about. Or, I don’t know, nearly anything being immersed in this culture we have of instant, readily-accessible information. It’s overstimulation, and I want to try and quiet it, appreciating one thing at a time here and there.

So while last night I watched a favorite, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, tonight, I watched The Sea in Between.

If you haven’t heard Josh Garrels‘ music, you absolutely must, and if you have, please listen yet again. His unique vocals and hip-hop/folk convey the searching of the human heart that fascinates him. Add in Mason Jar Music and Mayne Island, and it’s a real breather as an artist to see other people getting the space and opportunity to really joyfully make something new with love, and to kinda free-fall in chasing that love that they were born with.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend a warm mug of tea with a look into these lovely people’s music. The Sea in Between is available for purchase at their official website, as well as available for viewing on Hulu!

I may have had a laundry folding dance party of one with my new candle. See? Still hard to keep still.

We’ve all come into contact with people who are really, really good at what they do, who in talking to them inspire me to know more about what they’re talking about, and what they’re doing is they’re inviting you into their joy. And so, when someone can take their craft, their profession, their area of genius, and present it in a way that’s like, Man, when you play music, it makes me really excited about music, and I wanna pick up my guitar that’s been like sitting in the closet for 10 years, and I wanna engage in that. I want to enter into that joy, in my way, you know? And see if maybe there’s a voice inside of me that’s like wanting to get out—I feel like there might be.

—Josh Garrels


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