Mel Solo #2 | A good measure.

Today, I was—as my best friend and I like to hail—a woman on the go! I hopped from place to place in LA, and felt little to no pressure when it came to questionable parking situations and making requests that I needed in fulfilling some work duties. I parked in a structure that said the first 90 minutes of parking were free and shuffled off with the packages that were in my care.

As I finished my first errand, I asked the cashier helping me if their store validated parking. She apologized saying they didn’t but perhaps the Homegoods store down the street did. I had no need for home goods (excuse me?) but I did want to be creative, so I headed into the fancy land of the Americana to look for a friend where she works. She wasn’t there, so after considering a couple of other options, I settled that there was indeed a need for coffee.

I felt confirmation as I saw a Le Pain Quotidien employee swipe a parking validation ticket, and ordered a latte asking about it. The guy said yes absolutely they validated, but it turned out that they didn’t for the lot I parked in. Whoops! Coffee acquired.

Finally I decided to try out the Homegoods, and after twiddling about carrying things rather heavy for my petite frame, and ordering a (semi) futile coffee, I decided to just wait in their line and ask if I could receive validation for my irrelevant efforts.

I looked around at the fancied up packages of caramel corn and chocolates trying to decide what purchase would be cheapest to default on should my request be denied. When I got up to the counter and explained, the girl there said, “Oh! You don’t have to validate! The first 90 minutes are free!”

“So I don’t have to get it validated at all?”


All these visits for absolutely no need! And I realized it’s not unlike in real life, where we waste so much energy looking from place to person for validation, only to find out we never needed any.

Well until after that free 90 minutes of parking on Harvard and Maryland.

The day was filled with plenty of “just enough’s” so lovingly provided, from just enough phone battery for Maps to friendship (M, thanks Homes for letting me steal your iPhone 4 charger) and family and safety and food.

Cheers to Friday, and to break finally feeling a lot like Christmas.

Sup pudding cup?

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