Wondering Lately | Rhythm Ritual

Hey look! It’s been a week since my last post in this series so it looks like we’re moving in a good direction! Fabulous.

Here’s what’s up next:

I love Claire Marshall. I don’t even really remember which was the first video of hers I saw, but HeyClaire is one of my absolute favorites on YouTube. Her editing skills are crazy and her timing with well-selected remixes is so good. Not to mention her knack for layering pieces whether colors, textures, moods for food and style.

This Autumn Inspired Looks video she posted in October is refreshing, jazzy, eclectic and has SO much attention to detail. There’s so much knowledge that goes into producing something even as short as a 1:37 long video: filming, lighting, timing, music gathering, styling, prop/set styling, consistency, typography. Production at this caliber demands¬†overall creative gusto and the willingness to make a vision you have into reality, smiling softly or rocking a fierce glossy pout. From a fellow perfectionist, your command of this stuff is so appreciated, Claire.

Not even joking, I watch this periodically to jolt me out of creative and self-esteem funks when I feel boxed in, unmotivated or wonder if I’m missing out on something.

Nope, I want to create, and I think this stuff is really cool. So sometimes when I’m a little cloudy, I pull this out.

Not superstitious or anything.


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