How to Journal | Part 2

If you’re just tuning in, the blank airwaves and I have been chatting about journalling! My only teaching credential to give tips in this area is a commitment to laying piles of books everywhere I see fit (so, about everywhere I go).

If you’re a serial journal purchaser, this one’s for you. So was the last one.

Catch up with Part 1 or settle down here with a mug and a pen with Part 2:

I couldn’t think of a better name for this. Who’s someone in your life who inspires you? Is there anyone who has specifically inspired you? Someone you might look at and say, When I grow up, I want to be like that. This is absolutely not the space for comparison. We’re not picking a supermodel or super genius (unless you know one whose kindness is overwhelming). We’re not picking any girl we’re jealous of, and we’re not picking the person anyone else expects us to be—or, sometimes worse than anything else, who we expect ourselves to be.

One night, my entire journaling session was dedicated to how much one friend had inspired me—what traits to me exemplified the Biblical scriptures I’ve been called to be like. Rocky territory can come along here in putting friends/family on a pedestal, but it’s good to take note especially of others older than us who have seen and faced things we have yet to.

When you list, don’t list physical things or accolades this MVP has received. List ways that they show humility, generosity and perseverance. Lifting another up (even if unshared) does so much more from us than scraping together ~cool stuff~ about ourselves when we feel down. When feeling like we just can’t do anything right, the warm remembrance of a friend’s light can replace hopelessness with love.

A journal’s a secret thing right?


Free prayer.
It’s hard to buckle down and spend the time, but serious, quiet prayer time is a need.

As a writer, I constantly want to choose the right word, or I ramble and ramble and then wish to clean it up—or oh! I totally forgot to include this or that!—and the releasing of thoughts does nothing to unburden me. Sitting with a blank page and a ready heart, just be willing to listen to even silence, and allow the actual issues or best nuggets of gold float to the surface. Be honest with yourself, and rest in the fact that God already knows it all, and you have no explaining to do. He’ll do the rest, and regardless of what you end up recording on paper, you’ll find deep renewal in loving time spent with Him.

Is daily reflection a part of your life? What are some other ways besides journaling where you have some quiet time to record the good and honest stuff?

Sup pudding cup?

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