Wondering Lately | Meg Cabot and “The Princess Thing”

How wonderful it’s been to stick to posting consistently and have others pop by my little corner! I thank you for your visiting. 🙂

While fiddling around exploring, I happened upon Erin (thanks for your comment :)!) of Petite Stag‘s recent post on her perspective as a mom about having young daughters look up to princesses. Should they?

You should totally check out “For the Love of Princesses” over on her blog!

As a twenty-something finally coming into her own as a young woman, I’m excited by the way I’ve been learning in my own life how we can absolutely take ownership of uniquely feminine strength, sure, loving all things girly and pretty, and pursuing a tenacious, audacious call to heroism.

Erin cited this great quote from Meg Cabot, who wrote (most famously) The Princess Diaries. I absolutely recommend you check out Meg’s blog post from 2010 on parallels between Princess Leia and Tangled’s Rapunzel.

I think it would be a shame for parents not to let [their daughters] have [princesses] just because they don’t believe in “the princess thing.” Because the princess thing is amazing. It’s about standing up for what you believe in, protecting the people you love, and never letting the bad guys win. It’s about rescuing yourself, and yet risking your heart when you meet someone who seems worth giving it to.

As a younger girl and avid princess-doodler, I think what fascinated me most about princesses was a sense of duty and lineage as well as of course, the gorgeous gowns and hair. As a teenager whirling around and not being sure of who I was, I shamed myself a little for the hollow figure of good admirability that seemed to be my sole focus. But maybe my original inclinations weren’t totally wrong, as honor truly does happen outside ourselves and calls us to choose it.

What matters is if and how we decide to step up.

Now I’m living a fairly recent dream that’s swept me off my feet—interning at a beautiful magazine that’s all about the fact that women were in fact created for every truly beautiful, intelligent, courageous and generous thing they are totally capable of becoming forces of.

So yeah, I’m going to choose to be a princess. A latte-sipping, constantly-reading, art-creating, soul-hugging, curious, excited, brave princess.


Here’s a cruddy photo of me running out the door, phone charger in hand. ✨

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