Wondering Linkly | Lattes, Mitt Romney and Asian girl makeup

Until I think of a better title, we have a new category!

Presenting “Wondering Linkly!” YAS!


Aren’t we all voracious content-consumers living and breathing the Cloud? (Well that’s a little or a lot scary…) I don’t always think so, but it turns out I read quite a bit, pretty much clicking every article, Wiki, suggested link and hop down elaborate rabbit holes rather regularly. I mean just today I was disturbing a friend with a Wikipedia page I read in probably 7th grade. Anywho.

With “Wondering Lately” I like to go a little more in-depth from things I’ve found in and out the interwebz, but here I’ll just pile a bunch of curiosities for your exploring pleasure.  This installment’s subhead is “Lattes, Mitt Romney and Asian girl makeup.” Hmm. What does this say about me? Oh well.

So here we go!

  1. Watch some delicious coffee get made. Bonus level: check the comments for sharpening barista chops.
  2. Stumbled upon the Evil HR Lady blog by Suzanne Lewis a couple weeks ago, I think coming off career tips from Refinery 29, coming off of LinkedIn. Most advice I found around wasn’t relevant to smaller businesses, but was still full of thoughtful, humorous stories.
  3. Funny title she had was “Why Mitt Romney likes firing people.” Take it how you will, but the article’s thought-provoking!
  4. Is there a difference between “um” and “uh?” Interesting tidbit from DailyWorth on what your usage might tell other people. Also, quit stuttering and be yourself at work.
  5. Ever wonder what advice Asian girls get for doing makeup on monolids? This video sums it up. (Three words: skincare, skincare, EYELINER.)

Hope you enjoy this weird and wonderful gathering. Happy Sunday!


Sup pudding cup?

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