Wondering Lately | Refresh Routine

When asked about guilty pleasures, watching YouTube beauty guru videos comes to mind. But I’m really not guilty about it, so it’s not an actual answer!

There’s just something about being a girl with her computer gathering tips and tricks from other ladies on the internet. It starts with the cosmetic/hair/fashion play, but as one with no big sisters, I’ve found a little bit of that sisterly advice through YouTube ever since beginning to watch Michelle Phan in 8th grade—when homework loads began to have me burning the midnight oil while my family went to bed.

How oddly specialized to the interwebby world we live in! We’re certainly citizens of the 21st century.

I’ve placed a few favorite videos in order from shortest to longest, for your viewing convenience. Here’s a few I return to simply because I find them refreshing:

A skincare routine by Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters.
Just as I’ve fawned over Claire‘s video editing and music selection, there’s just something umami about Jenn’s videos as well!

Speaking of Claire, here’s her “simplified bibimbap” recipe!
Adopted as a baby from Korea by a single mom in the States, Claire has lived all over the world and represents a unique fusion of cultures in her experience as an American.

What better way is there to discuss everyday culture besides food? The answer is nothing.

Here’s the food:

Now that we’ve talked both beauty and food, let’s settle down with both!

Ingrid Nilsen’s (or MissGlamorazzi) “Sick/Chill Day” routine is a particular favorite of mine.
Whether you’re sick or just feeling low, this one has great pick-me-up tips. Plus a chicken noodle soup recipe! 🙂

Woo, it’s a Monday. Happy relaxing. 🙂

So is it or isn’t it strange to find relaxation through other people’s relaxation?
What do you think about finding sisterhood/mentorship across the internet?


Sup pudding cup?

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