Wondering Linkly | Hinduism, Post-modernism and the Present

This round-up of Christianity-related links requires some meatier context, so I won’t be numbering this list as to give our eyes a rest. Whether you’re a believer in Jesus Christ or not, the following topics are food for thought in a time where truth is something we shrug our shoulders about.

Here we go!

Might you be a Hindu without subscribing to the Vedas?
Al Mohler discusses a Newsweek article by Lisa Miller, from 2009.

Also in 2009,
Mohler wrote about trends in pluralism/post-modernism and dissects whether it has a place within Christianity.

I’ve been SUPER inspired by the idea of being well-read, and blogger Tim Challies certainly is!
He has a great assortment of book recommendations, both ones to pick up and ones to put away. This is an extensive list of biblical commentaries for all 66 books! Links on links on links.

The word “discipline” isn’t one that necessarily gets us excited.
Challies makes a good case for why this book by Donald S. Whitney is worth reading for the Christian.

So you’re a believer and you’re excited about all this brain-picking?
Slow down with this one also from Challies.

Bringing it local with this one.
Have you heard of The Augustine Collective? Christian students at some serious schools (Harvard, Yale, Cal, Duke, Brown/RISD…) produce journals discussing Christianity inspired by Augustine’s method of writing.

My good friend Stephen let me in on a meeting to check out what he and friends do at the Claremont Colleges’ chapter! I’ve still got to finish my copy of the Ekklesia. Cool name, right?


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