At 20


        • Value forgetfulness. Still not like “forget this, forget that,” but the human limitation to drop that which ought to go is a good thing.
        • Balance is worth practicing, patience in the words that spill out.
        • When you find the people who are sunbeams, get close. Discernment is furthering the gift of those spirits, not keeping still in idolizing them.
        • You’re freer than you realize. You don’t need everyone to know you’re doing well to start doing well. Being well.
        • People will leave, but they are people and not pillars. Not all will though.
        • Good parents are a treasure.

      • If you’re in exhausted tears, you probably already have a full shaker of salt as safety when taking, “Just do what you want to do. And nothing that you don’t.” to heart.
      • Press send on that email. If you’re lucky enough to know what you think, say it.
      • Oftentimes we laze around on social media when we’re alone and lonely. Don’t let that be the reason you go on. Ragretz.
      • It’s pretty fun to be out of the loop with things you don’t need to know, in addition to that you ought not to know. (Stay in your lane.)
      • Your best friends take comfort in what protection you can or desire to provide. Who cares what size you are? Nobody actually laughs at a resilient heart.
      • Delete apps (like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) at will. You can always download them back. But you probably won’t miss them while they’re gone.
      • Don’t plan to be late, dangit! …She types as she’s late for her least favorite class.
      • Creativity is beyond what is seen or painted—displayed—but it is precious, and not an impediment.
      • Maybe you dropped out of 8th grade cheer-tryouts by cheerlead hard in being genuine with others. Only good things come out of those encouragements.
      • You should really work out…but in the mean time, don’t forget that one yoga video REALLY works when u in pain.
      • It helps your mood and life when you don’t have multiple lattes a day. How about espresso/regular coffee every other day…
      • If you’re a romantic, dang it, be a romantic. Love others dearly. Pull beauty from where it may hide. Dance! Chill is for the weak. Kidding. Not.
      • Go. Go! GO!
      • Consistent bad dreams need not be the norm. You’re allowed to be encouraged.
      • Let yourself be floored by the amazing friends and family you get to be associated with.
      • You can learn a whole lot and be comforted a great measure by loving souls who don’t believe the same thing you do.
      • If you can’t arrive at calm, forgiveness or motivation, pray allowance over heart transformation until He brings you there.
      • Tidying SO helps! When you feel stuck, do it. Clarity is good.
      • Claim joy. Your Father does, and he loves you, delights in you—this is your value.
      • Jesus isn’t like us in the way of our disappointments. He is not discouraged by the mystery of what’s to come. He smiles in the sovereignty of His care for us.
      • If He gives you peace over something, cling to that peace. Trust Him. He is always faithful. It’s kind of one big surprise party. He is the best gift.

P.S. If you ain’t above bathroom selfies, you ain’t above bathroom selfies. Own it. Pew pew.


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