Sideways Dreams

What’s a sideways dream you have?

A sideways dream?

Yeah, like something maybe you’ve always wanted to do, or just something you wish you could do. Something that where you’re at right now isn’t necessarily a direct stepping stone to.

I asked this of girls I had a range of work experience with: about like 0-15% of actual togetherness. I was coming out of a season where I realized I had tucked away dreams that didn’t fit a narrative that left. This disappearance made me question if I ever wanted anything or if I had so much a soul to have my very own talents or attainable aspirations. Attainability was the problem of my freshman and sophomore hopes for the future. They ran away from the challenges and thus beauty of what my college environment held. I ran.

So in January, I wanted to imagine.
What’s a sideways dream you have? Not what you’re studying. Not what you’re going to do after graduation. Not whose references can you get for a resume. What brings color to your eyes?

Here’s some of mine:

  • Become a tour guide: I just wanna welcome people places!
  • Go to culinary school
  • Learn to cut hair
  • Do a handstand: sure just one, before I die
  • Own a bed and breakfast: but can’t in California, at least not down here in SoCal. Too expensive.
  • Have a coffee shop/bookstore/boutique/wau
  • Maybe look into homeschooling my kids someday and traveling together…Read something scary soooo
  • Make ceramics
  • Build some furniture

A professor of mine once said that we all have these hopes. The ones we don’t tell anyone because then they might not happen. Welp I didn’t tell you them all anyway, so why not sit for a bit and exercise some imagination?

What’s a sideways dream of yours?

Does this look like a girl that would open a bed and breakfast?

Sup pudding cup?

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