A near fully legal wishlist


In a few months I’ll be the big 2-1! WOW! Jk, I don’t really care that much but it’s neat. Soon I’ll be “fully” legal, able to vote and cook pasta with wine. My inner Giada will be doing that, but my outer Melanie will be living without a real kitchen.

So what does a stressed 20something start thinking would be cool birthday presents?

1. A dolly
I have enough Barbies of yore, but something that might surprise you about the creative scene, is how many heavy objects are involved, with a directly related number of petite women to populate it. I am one of them. It seems for a girl to get anything done, she needs to have her own reliable dolly. Like a horse. But that can fit in a small sedan.

2. Prosciutto
I don’t have anything else to say about this.

3. A hula hoop
Aside from it being working out, what I hate most about working out is how indirect the goal is. Yes, I’m impatient. Yes, I’m being lazy. Yes, I’d prefer to be curled up with tea or a good latte. The most immediate direct goal I see is “getting fit” with that “summer bod,” and I care nothing for this. Except for when I have a lot of heavy boxes to haul or places to actually run to. (See item #1.) Anyway, a hula hoop is the only stationary way I enjoy exercising. …It is exercise right? Whatever. A quality hula hoop is a wonderful thing.

4. Food: A Love Story, by Jim Gaffigan
Okay, the Amazon page for this has the largest portion of a book I have ever seen allowed for free viewing. Either someone wasn’t giving very stringent supervision, or someone just wanted this story to get to the masses. Anyway, it’s hilarious and I want to read the whole thing. If it’s a Monday for you or feels like one, go read some of it. Please.

5. Cold Tangerines, by Shana Niequist
I don’t know a whole lot about this book, but I whipped through the iBooks sample at the recommendation of a new friend. It’s a collection of essays and though I’m still figuring out some of what I think of it, it’s the kind of curious, tender Christianity that’s been courting me through this year. A God who’s sovereign enough to smile through all my despair and worry, and steadfast enough to still coax me back to Him. A return to the spark of all things and appreciating the glory of God found in them.

I’m writing this in “exercise” before diving into writing a paper so that’s all I can think of for now! Honestly I can’t think of any gift cards or articles of clothing I actually desire. I think it’s interesting to look back on the things you’ve wanted at different stages, and the priorities and playfulness (or lack thereof) they reflect.

At 20 years old, I just want some reading time, something to help with the heavy loads, and no one to watch me exercise.

And no more homework. Cheers.



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