Window Shopping #001 / Cloudy Beach Weather

Hmm new series? I do this pretty regularly, and you probably do too: online window shopping. Window optional, as in purchase possible. It’s Memorial Day weekend so it’s worthwhile looking up some sales hmmmmmmm?

Let’s begin the enabling:

1. Journal Fave
Honestly on a gray day, what’s better than curling up with a book, your favorite pens and a mug of something delicious and caffeinated? Candles preferred. Let’s put on Julie and Julia. I have way too many journals and am not sure when that will not be the case, but I’m just gonna leave this here…


Anthropologie / Mon Cher Journal ($14.95, from $30)
P.S. Use code GONEFISHING for 20% for a limited time! No special promo in association with the blog, just heads up on a sale code.

2. Flat-Out Adorable
Surprisingly, I haven’t had a pair of cute flats in a while. I’ve got a few nice sets of heels/wedges and my staple sandals (they’re honestly my feet). But all I can do on Pinterest is rack up all the flats that catch my eye!


Anthropologie / Miss Albright Scaled Cut-Out Flats ($79.95, from $148)

If you read the reviews, some say the scales aren’t most durable + the cut of the shoe isn’t best if your shoe size is a best fit in a wide. I default on a size 7 at Target, but they’re always a little too big. Size 6.5 W is my jam. Man I love reviews. If you take the time to do those, thank you. Speaking of spending that time, I need to write course evaluations for the classes I’m finishing…

3. Cross My Heart and Hope to Travel
Crossbody bags will always be the way for this petite lady. Keeps me moving and not tempted to pack too much. UGH I just love packing a trifecta of books for any moderately sized trip. Ah well. I love my current mini Fossil cross body, but this little red one’s a cutie. I love the color and the square-y shape just makes it look like candy.


Fossil / Sydney Crossbody ($89.99 also in gold, from $120)
P.S. Free shipping is always great.

That looks good for now! Time to fill out those course evaluations for professors.

Images via respective websites linked.

What vibes are you getting from your weather today?

Sup pudding cup?

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