In 5 years time

An interview question I won’t have to be answering is this: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Where will I be as a 25-year-old? Here’s one loose breakdown:

  1. Graduated. Bam check it, HUZZAH. I don’t even say that.
  2. Knit warmly in a church family and active in ministry with at least younger women.
  3. Closer relationally and at least relatively residentially to my family.

All wrapped in a warm blanket of God’s faithful provision which by nature comes with many surprises. Otherwise, professionally, romantically, educationally, even residentially I’m not certain whatsoever. I see 27 as being easier to picture, and I want to wrestle with why. There are a few issues I see: 1. 27 sounds more settled than 25, and maybe I’d rather toss hypothetics around over a “firmer” foundation.

Part of me is totally convinced (wait ironic) that A LOT of change can and will happen between the ages of 25 and 27. Big two-year difference. Kind of like 18 and 20, or 21 and 23. Make sense? Maybe this is just how numbers work. I hear 30 is a particularly brave and beautiful time for women. But I guess I find a certain futility in guessing what age 25 (ahem GOD) has for me at the half-decade mark of my glorious, altogether-definitely roaring 20s. Is that wisdom or crippling perfectionism? I would hazard a guess that it’s both, leaning on worry more than imagination.

As deep and raw as the difficulties have been while getting “older,” the relationships, thanks praises have never been richer. And I know for certain that there is no day or night, or hello or goodbye, that could ever be made better or more worthwhile than when one is in deep desire for their Bible.

Photo by my brother after devouring KBBQ (BRISKET ONLY) + strawberry ice cream for his 16th birthday.
Here’s the song that was in my head while beginning this post.

Sup pudding cup?

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