Wondering Linkly | Going

This morning I had a final that was basically just attendance at school. I could be packing up my dorm, but nope! Poking around different blogs and getting familiar with what cool projects so many are working hard on! I’ll be going on a few trips, including one long-awaited to see my best friend in NorCal! Rach has been loving Davis this past school year and I’m excited to see what she sees. Oh, and see some almost upper left USA greenery.

So right now I’m going through the influx of YouTubers posting travel videos (1, 2, 3) on how-to’s, anxiety and BeautyCon! I can’t wait for more reading time and some fresh air. Not to mention some good food and warm stories with old and new friends. ❤

Been really interested lately in the Munchies videos on Halal and Kosher food!
Gearing up for Davis with this:

OH that crunch of sourdough. You know it’s all about the sound.

Excited about the non-Christmas-themed Wondering Linkly graphic?? Me too! YUM on those summer colors heheh 😁


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