Playlist | Before you go

There are a few reminders that have bubbled up and stuck in the last year. You’d think we come into this life knowing all the things we end up deeming “basics,” but if you’ve lived even a day you’ve probably realized this is sternly not the case.

I find as we grow up, things we never thought would be our stumbling blocks, or the dang exact things people peg us for, end up tripping us up. Grown-up worries cloud in, like what would it be like to have a cool car or schyeah have a lot of people know my name and like me? It shows its face more vividly (on some counts) in some more than others, but here’s a little list I’ve compiled:

  • People over things.
  • If a thing is a “thing,” well that’s just it.
  • Scripture’s got EVERYTHING. And gosh do we need it.
  • When you find some favorite songs, don’t let them go. If someone else isn’t into them, dance ON.
  • Never stop cleaning. LOL But really, I see cleaning house as a small physical practice of addressing my life where it needs to be addressed. 😂 That’ll be another post.
  • You don’t need it? Let it go. You don’t need to go on Facebook? Twitter? Insta? Let it go. Delete the app. Say to yourself you can re-download it later, then proceed not to miss it or things that aren’t your beeswax.
  • You don’t gotta be anybody else. You don’t.

Joyfully, I’ve been finding more and more quotes/moments/principles that just click and feel like, Wow yeah that’s my heart’s song.

Like this quote I never knew Van Gogh gave:

Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.

Like hey, his brushstrokes are my favorite and that sentiment’s been my heart song in figuring out the gifts and perils of being given a soft heart and desiring a cultivation of strength true to that tenderness—even when it seems it doesn’t work out for me.

Hard to pick any one song or one verse as a “heart’s song” though that was my instinct for Van Gogh’s words. Hard to pick any song to define last school year/calendar year and I’m sure you can identify with this—there’s parts I vehemently refuse to define this very active measure of time with.

So here’s a playlist I slapped together for my brother’s 16th birthday party last weekend. He was so cute saying he didn’t have good taste, even though he constantly complains about my music and candles 😂. I’d been wanting to make a legit feel-good, dance on, not too dance-tron playlist so here it is, played best on shuffle. Seriously, only play it on shuffle, I didn’t mix up the bulk sections of my favorite artists. 😂


Sup pudding cup?

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