Take the 717 to the 304

I’ve long glared at the thought of deleting pictures on Instagram, as though it were manipulating the past. I haven’t found the opposite to be absolute truth, but neither is my former philosophy. I had a whopping 717 posts and now it’s like what 304?

The beauty of revisiting past hurts and past victories is the confirmation that the present is on purpose. That God has an incredibly GOOD purpose, His glory and our best (BEST) good.

I’m excited to act upon loving counseling from a elder mentor who told me it’s important we “let our heart get to the end of it.”


I’m overly conscious of how social media can misconstrue the tune of real life, and am set on fighting shadiness as much as possible. As I enter my senior year of university, Insta has been a fun walkthrough of my college journey, and I’ve finally dropped some baggage. I mean even posts I just didn’t even have much heart in. To those who have followed oh so patiently with my frequent posting, THANK YOU for being even a number in my life if we don’t know each other.

A long time ago, someone told me my aesthetic was bringing the best of real life, without lying about what wasn’t glittery or wasn’t ordinary.

I saw a quote today that said “What I shouldn’t do I will fight.” And I want to fight for truth and beauty. None of this keeping tabs, flashy footwork type stuff to manufacture an image that gives NO richness to the depth of life, and your heart. Yeah, you know, why do we share?

I want to fight for truth and beauty. Integrity. In the most clumsy, most loving way.

PSA: You can now find just a few previous art posts of mine via #artbymelspoon and at @lettersfrommel/#lettersfrommel (+ one straggler from a stranger…) imeanlikeifyouwanna.

This could have become a more complete post, but it already expanded from an Insta draft my brother berated me for. šŸ˜‚

The takes for this picture were my workout for the night. āœŒšŸ¼ļø



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