Wondering Linkly | Jobbishness

I’m 20, so it’s like I’m on this little origami mountain in a diorama, with all kinds of delightful ski slopes, but pitfalls (or the feelings of them) at every turn—and feeling very small. They shout, “The world is your oyster!” and it echoes off the purple construction paper. What can I say? My brain’s still developing. I think.

But now that it’s summer, my brain’s kinda rotting while on break from school. And I realize I won’t be as good at facilitating retirement as my dad is with his pilot dreams (and LESSONS—he’s really excited about it).

So I’m clicking around a lot and fiddling with cover letters and building new resumes. The writing practice and design commitment has been really fulfilling! I’m waiting on some applications, so, I’m clicking around some more, just keepin’ the brain juices flowing with this career thing~

Here’s the first Wondering Lately in a while:

People keep asking if I’ve got grad school plans. I don’t know. It’s funny how in college, your mindset on school and learning is pretty much entirely different than any other year of schooling. (Constant, “What? What am I doing here?” “I could totally do something else entirely with my hands for a living, and what is this the worth of this piece of paper with a shiny sticker?” “I LOOOOOVE LEARNING!!!”) I first learned what a fellowship was from a friend pursuing one in law, but I didn’t realize they were available for design as well. Chronicle Books is on their Summer/Fall 2015 DESIGN FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM!

We all know we can’t judge books by their covers, but sleek new covers on Barnes and Nobles’ shelves just have a good thing going on. Maybe this is super nerdy but, but, look at this!

Think of a call center. Now think of it being AWESOME. That’s what AirBnb did in Portland with their “Customer Experience center” at the end of last year.

To appeal to all camps, the space has lounge areas, tables, and, of course, what no Airbnb office would be complete without, conference rooms in freestanding structures that are based on actual listings.

I mean NeAt?!?!?!~

If you’ve ever stumbled upon Bri Emery’s work, I hope she has stumbled into your heart. She’s all kinds of inspiring on her Instagram and blog. But an even cooler pointer to her vivacious, generous style is the job board she keeps updated on her site! If you’re interested in creative jobs, or just peeking at a few designers/businesses on the rise, it’s not even hiding! Some coolio companies are hiring. Check it out!

Got that summertime sadness? 😂 What’s keeping your brain busy?


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