Stayin’ Alive Sunday

Today I went to church, delivered a painting, took a pretty primo selfie with free flowers, and then I put temporary tattoos on kids and adults at the park. My dad led a team to spread word about the VBS we’re having at our church in a few weeks. Our team of 10 people, give or take, held a booth at a free BeeGees tribute band concert at a big park nearby.

Today I saw:

  • Some of the cutest sister grandmas
  • A mom with a beauuuutiful spirit and gorgeous tattoos, including a verse from Psalms in Hebrew
  • An army ranger with a blessed soul + extra blessed with a temporary tattoo of the U.S. of A.
  • Some snazzy white suits dancing, aka a BeeGees tribute band rock it out all night (well 4-8)
  • Couples dancing to said stand-in BeeGee’s
  • Some of the cutest kids ever
  • The slowest lemonade stand ever (life is not retouched okay), for $5 I can have a <mediocre review
  • My brother, FINALLY (been like 3 days 😂)
  • Moses, Deborah and Esther temporary tattoos that God used to remind me a thing or two about how much higher trusting in his plan comes before comparison
  • The face of a new grandma, who’s the epitome of an angel
  • A very nice beard
  • A like 7th grader who surfed today and was humored good-naturedly when I told him of my own surfing foibles
  • Three generations of adults + a lot of imperfection held in grace and laughs
  • My mom laughing at my jokes and finding worth in her sisters’, mom’s and my stories


Sup pudding cup?

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