Why are Gmail emojis so different??

*Jimmy Fallon suit*
*Jimmy Fallon voice*
*Jimmy Fallon pen-prep arm movement*

Thank you,

…For melting emojis down into adorable, strangely MORE caricatured versions of emojis, that mirror how I emote, melting in embarrassment because I use emojis in emails.

Now, now, I’m not that embarrassed to use emojis in emails. I mean I was publicly stoked to remember my old shortcut for the sparkle emoji ✨ for some fan-mail e-mail I wrote. sparkleemoji The inspiration for this post comes from my use of emojis in emails with those I admire and on some level fangirl over.

Because one time—in a BUSINESS email—this guy 😂…got turned into this guy 1f602.

Anyway, about that fan-mail:
I did in fact use the sparkle emoji in my email; I signed with it! “✨—Melanie Loon.” Say what you will, but it fit the moment. Insert Olan Rogers backing me up here.
I’m currently trying to figure out what Unicode emoji becomes this guy: 1f633.

Because while I was a little nerve-y about how casual my sparkle was, I received a warm and friendly selection back! (Oh yeah, and a really sweet message that encouraged me to bust out a ton of writing!) Including that bashful bowing one and these cuties: 1f618 1f60d You can guess which orthodox emojis these coordinate with, but I don’t know, I just think Google has a really funny way with their take on these little globules of emotion. Regardless, I’m glad we’re all little globules of emotion on the inside.

Now tell me: Do you use emojis beyond texting or tweeting? How about emails at work or to cool singers? Can you find me the mystery emoji?


Sup pudding cup?

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