21 Things I’ve Learned in 21 Years

I’M AN ADULT! SORT OF! This Wannabe Wednesday, there’s (happily) no one I want to be! So it’s fitting I insert some reflection on turning 21 years old today! Well not today, my birthday was last week, lulz.

We don’t quite start out as blank slates just etching on a new principle and running with it. The depth of my imperfection really has me believing life lessons are less like bills of law passed, and more like myths busted. The gems we truly take to heart are the ones that have cut the deepest or that have had to be re-learned (multiple times) in order to dig up rotten or stagnant roots to grow something truly strong.

Newly minted Youtuber Karlie Kloss‘ video about turning 23 is super calming so go watch it! I think there’s a huge gap of so much to learn between 23 and 21, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

  1. Contentment is unequal to not wanting anything, or wanting only one thing.
  2. Striving in cheering on sister friends (vs. worrying who’s better, more unique, allowed to do… blablhahlblah) is heaven-sent.
  3. If using makeup wipes, or brushing your teeth sans flossing, or writing without an outline does not get the job done, the job is NOT done. (Clean ALL the mascara off yo)
  4. Nobody is raised to be perfect, or to be Renaissance men and women. Families can be a weak spot in idolizing for me.
  5. Consistency is a gateway to so many good things. I’m talking research, reading, paying attention, sunscreen…
  6. It doesn’t matter where you come from or whose name you bear (school, family, church)—but the most satisfying tastes of fellowship are in that unconditional camaraderie founded in Christ.
  7. A good story doesn’t make it worthwhile. Nope. Disappointing. Sometimes understanding doesn’t come, or our pain doesn’t disappear. What’s worthwhile is being drawn to fix eyes on Jesus’ glory.
  8. Cool girls are still girls. Boys…have feelings too.
  9. Nobody’s holding you to those social duties/graces as hard as you are with yourself.
  10. The body NEEDS exercise. SLEEP. FOOD at regular times. The body needs LESS caffeine, for the brain (pilot of the heart)’s sake.
  11. It is not always hard for plans to change, in a very good and comforting way—in support and trust.
  12. Opposites may attract, but opposites sticking is really for the movies. I think.
  13. Knowing and holding your temptations/idols at sword-point is of incredible value. And even more incredible is strength supplied.
  14. You’ll never know what’s next. In a good way.
  15. It’s a real thing—you can have Christ-loving friends and seriously see Jesus in them. I can think of so many, and that is reason to celebrate.
  16. Clean like the WIND, Bullesye! It helps you insane amounts. With your insanity.
  17. You must, MUST preach truth to yourself. You have to preach the Gospel to yourself daily. It’s a matter of being fed spiritually and not starving.
  18. You’re probably missing the point. Not picking the opposite point, just, not quite THE point.
  19. Language and the idea of talking past one another is your JAM. That’s one strong passion. It’s special. Pray to serve with it.
  20. Humility is ALWAYS in order. It is always the call. If someone frowns at it, well, yeah.
  21. How great it is to be made of the dust of God’s green earth, the heritage of all men, that He has redeemed victoriously, beautifully, shockingly, lovingly, and by a landslide—GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!

Didn’t gram the above picture because I was already birthday-overgramming heheh. Cheers to being alive.

21 Things / Wondering Today / Melanie Loon


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