Cleaning house

Ahhh cleaning house, the swing back into discipline. The long deep breath after a whirl of 3 loads of laundry, every bathroom cleaning chemical and a thorough Swiffering.

This was my ritual every Friday or Saturday while living in the dorms. I know it’s technically work, but those days became a personal sabbath often including breakfast with a friend and/or a trip to my favorite coffee shop + Trader Joe’s.

As an 80% passive individual, the alone time helps restore my energy, and the dorm cleanse is a good regular exercise in addressing the things I need to address. Like emails and homework and putting away clothes that aren’t too dirty (seriously, they’re fine). Nope. On Fridays/Saturdays, the loose ends I address are the dust of the corner and clothes’ folds left ragged. The bathtub can’t send me emails back and the soundtrack of it all can be an endless YouTube Watch Later playlist.

As I gear up to move back in for my senior year, I prickle a little at the novelty of the school year beginning: new faces (we’ve already discussed being a staunch introvert) with new backpacks and flashy orientation posters and oh the lanyards. I think what’s got me glum about the newness is how temporary it is before needing to be truly settled in and ready to work. I do have faith I’ll forget these jitters as soon as I’m back out there.

I have this guilt over the momentum it takes me to finally get in touch with people I need to get in touch with. Maybe the transition from child to adult is a continual shedding of compartmentalizing people, places and responsibilities.

Hmm yeah, that sounds about right. Anyway, whether you’re back to school or just on your way into another day at the office (totes includes home office), cheers keeping accountable, to cleaning house—and making the new (school) year a brighter and better home.

Photo taken at my friendly neighborhood Anthro. A stroll in there is another nice bit of personal solace. C:

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