Indoor cat goes back to school!

I thought for a little while that I was lame for being so enthralled with architecture, fashion and home decor while everyone’s made the mountains and cliffs so trendy as the apex of visual beauty.

Having gone to Lake Tahoe with my family this summer, I have to give props to this movement that’s encouraging people to get outside, even if by way of hipster-camp outdoorsiness. The mountains, the sky, the sea—I do think that as being God’s creation they have a beauty more powerful than anything manmade.

The Internet Age has increasingly made the indoors our conditioned habitat, and I’d say it does take different people varying amounts of time to allow the fullness of nature’s beauty to truly sink in.

It’s different when you’re there, even if you’ve seen the pictures. (Because you have.) You just have to stay long enough.

Wondering Today / Melanie Loon / @melaniespoon

Let’s face it, I’m an indoor cat. I enjoy exploring—insides and outsides—but I still gain much from simple walks alone through some of my favorite stores that aren’t so specific to exact locations, aka shops that are chains lol. I think we can aim to appreciate human creation while putting off materialism. It’s just a matter of realizing our framework and making our choices.

For example, we can be interested in the way one blanket at home reminds us of our mom, and the history of how humans have perceived color and ceremony and physically attempted to signal the sacred, in and out of museums, churches and the wilderness.

Wondering Today / Melanie Loon / @melaniespoonHumans manipulate many things for the worse, but also are given such wonderful freedom to work and roam and build homes that toast the treasures of time together, instilling legacy in tradition and sentiment. Since finishing the first week of my senior year, my closest have been encouraging me to really enjoy it.

They tell me I’m doing better, and their tones and expressions are so gentle. I find myself feeling just a little embarrassed, because of how much it proves their care for me over time, not just in the moment of a good story. I’d have to be a jagged rock on the side of the road to not be affected warmly by their words. They’ve seen me.

Wondering Today / Melanie Loon / @melaniespoon
Surprise! It’s Rach and Simon!

Moving to school is something I’ve experienced more than once, but I’ll be raw and admit that even now I cried at the thought of not having my family—some of my best friends—so literally close. As my mom drove us last Saturday morning, I had tired tears as she said, “If you can get through last year, you can get through anything.” Hahahahahaha yeah I was home this weekend ok ok ok.

It’s true that last September, things were very different. And strengths I now count casually were previously just training hurdles on the way up and over a mountain range. I steeped in the hard grooves often too long last year, wanting not to take those times and battles for granted. But now is now, praise God!

I’ve begun to think that no matter what new roadblocks come, it’s got to be a win-win, almost especially if I can’t see what God’s doing right in front of me. And believe me, it’s His work through others that’s convincing me towards Hope.

C.S. Lewis puts it only the way he can, writing, “Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.”

Chills! Read it again!

“Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.”

Wondering Today / Melanie Loon / @melaniespoon

So I hope whether you’re an in door or an outdoor cat, a cat or a dog, or even a dolphin—I hope you look at your last year with peace in farewells, and fondness over lessons learned, love gained and given.

Cheers to watching patiently for miracles, because Jesus remains good.

P.S. Cheers to wise friends like D. Graves who are incredible sources of refreshed perspective. Aka I got that C.S. Lewis quote from her FB 😘😘


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