It’s a holiday weekend.

Homecoming is not a “holiday” unless one is in school, especially in a small, small college complete with themed festivities (Harry Potter…) and even a homecoming court. Aside from this fall school tradition, this weekend was FILLED with celebrations, and as I write because I can’t fall asleep just yet, I just don’t want it all to end.

(In other news, did you know brewed coffee has more caffeine than espresso drinks? I finally got that in my head but I think I’m really getting to know it on a heart level…)

This weekend included:

  • Breakfast with Liam (My turn to pay, cash only)
  • Belated celebration of Lauren’s birthday with Hayley (ice cream necessary)
  • Cinnamon roll/Gilmore Girls party with Danielle (ok so today was all about food lets move on??)


  • Homecoming Day! (Help with Alumni stuff for Housing)
  • The game! (Stay ’til half-time)
  • BoH with Hayley
  • Hike with Cindy (mmmm big sister time 💕)
  • Crash Youth Group for hot dogs and Big Hero 6
  • FaceTime with Rach!!


  • Church (We’re in 1 Samuel)
  • Fellowship lunch
  • Help set up for wedding
  • WEDDING #sayyestothechildress

The sum of celebration really has me speechless. I’m in awe of the life I’m allowed to have, and the privilege it is to both to forget and to remember.

To forget fears and worthless hang-ups in the fellowship of incredible friends. To remember where God has taken me in just the last year.

To forget all your decent-enough attempts to make sense of everything. To remember how the simplest questions can lead you to the most important answers (because you won’t get all of them).

To forget horrific school radio hits. (All DAY Saturday man, I needed to cleanse my ears). To remember how much fun all-out dancing is with some of your best friends.

To forget your age in encouraging a sister who has led you. To remember how worthwhile it is to continually cheer on the body of Christ.

Well that sounds enough like not a rundown of my planner. Plans are okay. Life is beautiful in Jesus. Every need and beyond is satisfied in Him. “This ain’t wishful thinking; it’s just how it is.”


Sup pudding cup?

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