Let’s keep it brief.

  • Why are emails so hard?
  • Because these ones mean I’m struggling.
  • Struggling just means you’re human, and you’re being challenged.
  • Don’t play for titles.
  • Keep your overarching goals concise.
  • Feel guilty about struggling and not being able to come through for someone who loves you? Believe they love you, how about that.
  • P R A Y. He answers.
  • Gosh the ocean is beautiful.
  • God only has what’s better for you. Every. single. time.

4 thoughts on “Let’s keep it brief.

  1. Oh Angela I love reading yours! You don’t know how encouraging that is especially on a day life this. Thank you so much! I love seeing your smiles and the art you create! I hope you are writing more ❤️

  2. Ah I just saw this. I am so glad that even though we are far apart, we can connect over the interwebs and through the fact that we are two sisters in Christ. Thank you for supporting me as well, ah ❤

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