Walking after rain

“You don’t have to wait to know that beautiful things will happen.”

I wish I had exact quotation of all E told me tonight, but I definitely want to keep this nugget of wisdom and encouragement close as my last semester of college begins. If only you could put between these little marks time spent and gifts given.

I’m so encouraged by how constantly mentors have been provided along the way—long-term, short-term, a conversation, a smile. Leading me one way by the hand while I might have just never moved if left alone.

People get pretty adamant about how integral finding good mentors is for setting yourself up for success.

Don’t know about you, but I often set myself up for the exact opposite, and God proves over and over that he can show me a new and better thing.

So here’s belated cheers for the free drink with a rose petal I had tonight: let’s not fuss about defining the past.

Let’s watch, let’s smile, and let’s greet what new way He shows His face.


Sup pudding cup?

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