What is rest to you?

I’ve been reading snippets of blogposts here, listening to podcasts there, questioning the definition of rest, and how much of a priority we should make it. Strongly noted is that rest is not simply doing nothing, although it certainly can include leisure that is blind to work-related emails and stress.

It’s a battle of the mind and heart not to worry, and I relish when I have some space to create structure for rest. Time to clock out of studying or researching for the day.

I’m going with a working theory right now that rest is choosing what will give us our best chance.

I’m going with a working theory right now that rest is choosing what will give us our best chance. As a broad definition, it can include really anything that will make you more refreshed, more ready, for the next day, next week, or even just next round of studying. This means discipline may be a likely part of the equation.

Curling up with my phone scrolling through pictures I have already seen on Instagram may be a nice way to decompress, but it probably won’t actually give me my best chance to be creative or productive later.

Best chances, hmm?

This should mean that rest can include:

  • Doing laundry: Yep, completing that means I have a better chance of having enough underwear to survive another week.
  • Watching a show/movie and being completely absorbed in the story: Recharge that imagination!
  • Going downstairs to fill up my water bottles: Hydration! Tea!
  • Seeing a new view: What’s not rejuvenating about the blue sky, fresh air and a physical reminder of how much we can handle and how much we can push past?

What does not give me my best chance for tomorrow is:

  • Putting responsibilities off in the name of “I’ve done enough”: There’s certainly that time to clock out, but sometimes this is just shooting myself in the foot.

So that’s what I’ve got so far! Many things aren’t rest but when it comes down to discerning it, it all seems to point back to not worrying so much about it all. That’s kind of a me thing, so if you struggle with it too, I hope this helps at least a little!

Forget “What’s your perfect day like?” Have you found ways that really put life back into your work for school or jobs?

How do you effectively refresh for the next day?


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