4 Recent YouTube Obsessions 😍

It’s a big, bloggy world, and actually now that I think of it, I can’t remember whether my foray into the blogosphere began with fashion blogs or YouTube videos… Probably actually YouTube videos, which surprises me!

The fun of all of this can get pretty easily twisted in the way of financially sustaining it, and there’s a certain personal connection lost when production value goes way up way quickly. I usually forget that it’s coming, but every now and then it’s time to discover new (to me, of course) people and their ways of telling stories!

So here’s a little of what I’ve been devouring online:

The Nerdwriter | How Donald Trump Answers a Question
Spoiler alert: he doesn’t really. And there are important things we can gather about language, power, salability and memory. This short video began a major rabbit trail quest for me on this channel. 😂

Evan is AMAZING at communicating big ideas in his video essays through approachable dialogue and supreme attention to detail and simplicity in his editing. Another fantastic one is “Rihanna’s ‘Work’ Is Not Tropical House.” Ugh and everything else. I love that he takes some pretty simple questions and pursues them to the ends of curiosity with beautifully organized research.

Casey Neistat | High School Stories (and Walter Mitty, and doing stuff that matters)
I love the way he talks and I love the way his brain latches onto stuff, and chucks it too. If you haven’t heard of filmmaker Casey Neistat, this is a good jumping off point to understand who he is and what his work is. Great follow-up is Sara Dietschy’s “HOW TO CASEY NEISTAT A VLOG,” and great follow-up to that is his own reply in a vlog. 😂

Jimmy Fallon | Kid Letters: “I Know You Think I’m Crazy”
So the past week was a really difficult one at school (EWH!), but I bittersweetly ended last weekend with my best friend on the tail of my spring break and the beginning of hers. We’re always talking but of course being in person is incomparable.

Laughing at these Jimmy Fallon videos together was so much fun, and honestly helped carry me through the week after long days. She helped me end that weekend I trudged out of with this video. Anyway, Fallon is a gift to us all. Should that be another post…?

Damon and Jo | Budapest 101
Rachel is a French major and knows loads of fantastic linguistic resources, including this pair of travel YouTubers who cover travel, culture and language with practical tips. They’re so funny and obviously an OTP for vlogging, and this video made me miss Hungary so much.


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