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This may be embarrassing to some people…but I have a few years’ worth of Teen Vogue and I’m not getting rid of them.

Higher fashion has always been a love of mine even if jeans and more carefree items are my staples. I have an undying love of outerwear, and like many women in Southern California, much too many coats than is appropriate for our winters. In high school I chose couture versus fast fashion for a presentation and I’ve only just got rid of one fashion book I won’t tell you the title of. You’ll still find an unfinished book on Alexander McQueen and John Galliano in my shelf.

Ahh books, ahh magazines! New air and tall buildings. Shh I know it’s polluted, but a new day arrives. Can it be a day devoted to searching out new wonder?


I love the parade of fashion, the fantastic urban belief that one day you’ll wake up in New York, the air will be crisp, and everyone will be on their way. Hair messy but breath tied together in a neat trench coat, like Kathleen Kelly terribly unprepared for a visit from Joe Fox, sick in her striped pajamas at home. She pulls a coat on like the uniform it is, its darts and panels the hinges of a hello her frog’s throat won’t afford, and that her attitude barely desires to offer.

So COATS! Shameless layering!

For pleasure instead of business, though rather simply form first and then function, as to remember the need for function, but as not to so easily forget the function of form…

NET-A-PORTER | How To Dress for Work: Chic 9-5 Style

NET-A-PORTER | How To Wear Color: Fall’s Must-Have Styling Tips

REFRESHING is withwendy’s style. Similar to my favorite HeyClaire, Wendy is dynamo at both her craft and her presentation of it, which is a craft in and of itself. Here’s the first video of hers I stumbled upon:

withwendy | DIY Mini Backpack From Scratch! (Fjällräven Kånken style)

I haven’t really sewn since first grade…and I was THE slowest, one of the last to finish a small 9 square quilt with itty. bitty. stitches. by hand …of course. But Wendy’s style of teaching and direction makes it look perhaps not easy per se, but natural. The idea that your hands could do the same, and your mind could be just as boundless in using your resources to fit your needs.

Also find by Wendy: Sewing for Beginners!
Not feeling like sitting down? Get whisked away with 7 DIY Travel Outfits. Seriously watch this one; it’s so cute.

withwendy | How to Make a PROM DRESS

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of bespoke belongings ever since boarding the tiny house train, even though somehow the word really makes me cringe. Working in media, I’m often introduced to “bespoke” fashion etc. with the long wait and custom quality as its major selling point. While this is a fantastic USP, there’s something just not convincing enough about it to me.

I believe the bespoke quality of material things should be form-fit to your personal, functional needs. Often I see this more relevant to use over time rather than time initially invested in making something personally relevant…

In regards to tiny homes, my favorite part of watching videos was when an owner/builder would laugh about what went wrong, how a kitchen corner wasn’t quite perfect or how they were up-sold on the wrong kind of roofing. They presented their home with complete ownership and were passing on the kind of wisdom that only comes with experience. To me, this is kind of “making” is altogether more valuable than simply raising one’s fist with wallet in the air to have something, anything, made.

So videos like this catch my eye, even if they’re short and not most glossy in editing.

HomeMadeModern | DIY Closet Organizer

So about that patience required for DIYs… I’ll pretty much never do these but I love that one of these Korean mama beauty treatments is a MONTH in the preparing. Would you wait that long for something you made yourself? Well, I think that kind of commitment is gorgeous.

Chriselle Lim | Beauty DIYs I Learned From My Mom

Slow down on the DIYs? Yeah, wow, I didn’t realize how many DIY videos I would cram in here hahaha. Watching The Nerdwriter’s video essays is of my favorite ways to slow down curiosity and allow it to brew with focus. Pointed, focused curiosity is a solid mark of Evan Puschak‘s work. If you’ve ever been in a group chat, a family or table with people, you should watch this.

The Nerdwriter | The Darjeeling Limited: How Brothers Communicate

Oof, after all this, let’s GO SOMEWHERE. And how best to twiddle our thumbs about where we will go than to scroll across a few “In the Bag of…” videos? Especially by British Vogue…

Come on. You know you want to hear a British accent; it may as well be Victoria Beckham’s.

British Vogue | In the Bag of Victoria Beckham

Glass is always half full — I don’t have time for anything negative.

While I don’t believe in Victoria’s crystals, I do believe in this. Time is the most expensive thing of all, and your attitude is a sort of currency in it, also of potent value. To spend your mind on unchecked negativity is waste.

More bags to peek in…

Okay enough of the portable, let’s talk about WARDROBES. I’ve been really trying to warm up my love of fashion since reading this Verily article by Fashion Editor Lilly Bozzone. Don’t miss it if you’ve been feeling a tiredness of social media difficult to explain… In it, she writes many of the things that have turned me off to rampant minimalism as of late. How can we find, discern, behold elegance?

I do think it begins with personally grown curiosity. So let’s head into some closets. 😉

British Vogue | Inside the Wardrobe of the Vogue Fashion Editors Sarah Harris & Bay Garnett

The greatest thing about these tours is how specific these women are about their preferences and how they know themselves. Beautiful contrast in the homes and collections of Sarah Harris and Bay Garnett.

Hmm… a personally possessed elegance, regardless of material goods but reflected in decisions. Something to think on.


Sup pudding cup?

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