Come out fighting

In many ways during 2016, I think my heart came out fighting for… few good reasons. The main excuse being fear.

Too many times in the last year I was wary of intentions, so much so that once the cloud of doubt would relax, the question on my mind would reveal itself to be, “Wait… Does this mean this person wants to be my friend?”

I blocked myself from understanding. But we never stop sharing a need and hope for connection.

In these times it seems we’re all suspicious of authority, news, goodwill and allegiance. How can one speak for all? Why won’t any speak for one?

Over the summer and fall I learned a lot about the thoughts I tend weaponize against myself, and how better to say no to them (beginning with that I can say no to them). It’s far easier to discern now when my mind and heart have drifted way too far from trusting my Shepherd. And because He is loving, I’m (PRAISE) tuned to desire more of Him than to just be rid of all the bad (often read: difficult) stuff.

How do we do this together? How to we choose love and understanding over getting in one more word, shutting out two more? How do we banish apathy (in its big and small forms) and stir our hearts to true empathy, and mature reactionary discourse?

I think it’s for this that we have to come out fighting.


Sup pudding cup?

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