If you’re hurting / Take care

I found a cool little post reaching out on Tumblr to anyone who may be struggling with a certain addiction. We all have our vices/pains no matter how severe, and upon further research, it turns out the tool offered, the “HALT” method is actually prevalent in reference to raising children.

So. You hungry, angry, lonely or tired?

The relation of this simple check for little ones is humbling and can even be insulting in regards to our problems as…not-babies, but we still have the same physical weaknesses (NEEDS, people) as our former, squishier selves. You know, “You’re not you, when you’re hungry.”

We need simple stuff like food and rest, so let’s chat about some simple re-routes for self-care and wiser stewardship of our mindsets huh?

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How to Journal | Part 2

If you’re just tuning in, the blank airwaves and I have been chatting about journalling! My only teaching credential to give tips in this area is a commitment to laying piles of books everywhere I see fit (so, about everywhere I go).

If you’re a serial journal purchaser, this one’s for you. So was the last one.

Catch up with Part 1 or settle down here with a mug and a pen with Part 2:

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How to Journal | Part 1

I am an unstoppable book pile creator. I love books. And I make nice piles of them everywhere like a nerdy-bougie animal marking their territory. A steadfast commitment to reading time and the classics evades me, but books are wonderful! I love them for their stories, but also for their shape, the pages, the possibility. So my affinity for bound volumes extends to those with blank insides.

The journal. Can you commit? I can barely. Often, we’re too tired one, two, five nights to really sit down and consider the day’s passing. Or, we finally get situated to write and write, but nothing come to us!

So here are a few¬†journaling strategies I’ve benefited from:

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