New blog theme!


Swagity! I haven’t felt ever so easily at home in a new blog theme, but I totally love the Nucleare theme here on WP!

I took the liberty of more fully moving in, and now you can find links to my Instagram (2, 3) and Twitter if you so please. I feel like having the categories listed to the side is fairly unhelpful with my current naming system, but I’m moving slow to keep it real ya dig? Nothing kills authentic inspiration and sharing like an overblown need to please, which I am certainly not immune to.

Since we’re on a blogroll of cool links, here’s a bitty baby Wondering Linkly!

Ooh bonus round, let’s make it a surprise!

  1. If you like adorable puppies
  2. If you like adorable spoons with cool woodworking (I revoke no man-card from the integrity of design ✌️)
  3. If you like adorable British boys and are fascinated by office spaces (I mean who isn’t)

Today was an awesome day, but I’m not sure I can gather it all to post about it tonight.
So here we go—enjoy the new digs!

*Obviously I don’t own anything in the image above, except the Instagram photos to the right as well as my avatar photo. As you can see I’m not Mat Kearney nor a music video giant. Quite petite and female actually.*