Wannabe Wednesday | The Kind of Holiness

I just finished reading The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges! 🎉 There are a few books I am taking my sweet time on, and somehow this one slipped into completion. I will be returning to it for the rest of my life if I believe Philippians 1:6. Hence, this week’s Wannabe Wednesday!

If you want to get serious about growing in your walk with Jesus, this book’s incredible: easy to approach, practical in wisdom and centered on Christ. “[I]ncisive,” is how Dr. Herbert Lockyer, Sr. introduces it in the foreward, as well as, “appealing, and conscience-stirring.”

Jerry Bridges / Wondering Today / Melanie LoonBridges is a classic voice in the world of great Christian books, but his name didn’t really stick for me until I read this post on my favorite blog for ladies who follow Christ. Shame that his name is so close to Jeff Bridges too. 😂 Every time I introduced the book to a friend I had to think about what if a cowboy glared at me beneath the brim of his dusty hat and commanded that I read this…it would be a good call anyhow.

Girl Talk Home, is written by Carolyn Mahaney and her daughters, Nicole Whitacre, Janelle Bradshaw and Kristin Chesemore. They don’t post super frequently by any means, but I think I value it more for that.

Carolyn posted “The Kind of Young Women the Church Needs Most,” making a case for this kind of listening, putting pursuit to serving and sowing, rather than believing our ministry’s value rests solely in a megaphone.

She noted that Bridges only began writing books in his mid-forties—kind of brings some grounding to our obsession with having it all together at, oh I don’t know, even our early 30s. Makes it laughable to hope to be complete by the cusp of our 20s.

Carolyn wrote:

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21 Things I’ve Learned in 21 Years

I’M AN ADULT! SORT OF! This Wannabe Wednesday, there’s (happily) no one I want to be! So it’s fitting I insert some reflection on turning 21 years old today! Well not today, my birthday was last week, lulz.

We don’t quite start out as blank slates just etching on a new principle and running with it. The depth of my imperfection really has me believing life lessons are less like bills of law passed, and more like myths busted. The gems we truly take to heart are the ones that have cut the deepest or that have had to be re-learned (multiple times) in order to dig up rotten or stagnant roots to grow something truly strong.

Newly minted Youtuber Karlie Kloss‘ video about turning 23 is super calming so go watch it! I think there’s a huge gap of so much to learn between 23 and 21, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

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Wannabe Wednesday | 1/2-up Bun-Hawks + Ben Wyatt Dancing

Hump Day, Hope Day, ya feel? Here’s some stuff on the internet that made me go, “YAS, that’s what I wanna be.” #GoALz

#Startedfromthebottom #NowweHERE | NOBODY let me date again until I’m Ben Wyatt.

Pics or it didn’t happen | What am I talking about? Exercise, of course. I hate the idea of going to the gym with the goal of a hot bod or whatever~ I’d like to walk and talk with a friend for a long time, or *yeah actually* hike at a kind pace to see something beautiful. Obviously this puts me in a rut of forgetting how great physical activity feels and is for your body. My best friend hit it on the nail last week. “You like exercise when you don’t realize it’s exercise.” Yes. Yes, that’s right. Btw, this girl’s hair is gawjus.

Half-up bun-hawks | I’m getting SO antsy about my hair’s length, but it’s prime time to fiddle with this hairstyle I’ve actually been thinking about for a while and then saw a handy tutorial for at The Beauty Department! Here’s to actually making effort on girly whirl hair thangs.

“I keep a local binder-maker on retainer.” | This is for if you’re a Type A, firstborn, design junkie who’s wondered if you have OCD but don’t want to assume for respect of actual people who struggle with it: branding + CV fun times. Etsy’s the hand-made knitted wonderland, but some really cool web/print designers also call it home. Teresa Gomes of Odd Bits has a killer logo and so much design inspo in her shop!

This meal | Many, many thanks to my friend Maddie for craving a visit to the Himalayan restaurant nearby her home. Loved seeing her and her family while exploring up north! Naan straight chillin’ in the top right corner. Eat the masala, BEEEE the masala! NO. FILTER. UNF.

And lastly, because this series is not about self-hatred, I wanna be:

5 years old like this | Handy! Here’s reference for how long my hair’s gotten.