Why are Gmail emojis so different??

*Jimmy Fallon suit*
*Jimmy Fallon voice*
*Jimmy Fallon pen-prep arm movement*

Thank you,

…For melting emojis down into adorable, strangely MORE caricatured versions of emojis, that mirror how I emote, melting in embarrassment because I use emojis in emails.

Now, now, I’m not that embarrassed to use emojis in emails. I mean I was publicly stoked to remember my old shortcut for the sparkle emoji ✨ for some fan-mail e-mail I wrote. sparkleemoji The inspiration for this post comes from my use of emojis in emails with those I admire and on some level fangirl over.

Because one time—in a BUSINESS email—this guy 😂…got turned into this guy 1f602.

Anyway, about that fan-mail:
I did in fact use the sparkle emoji in my email; I signed with it! “✨—Melanie Loon.” Say what you will, but it fit the moment. Insert Olan Rogers backing me up here.
I’m currently trying to figure out what Unicode emoji becomes this guy: 1f633.

Because while I was a little nerve-y about how casual my sparkle was, I received a warm and friendly selection back! (Oh yeah, and a really sweet message that encouraged me to bust out a ton of writing!) Including that bashful bowing one and these cuties: 1f618 1f60d You can guess which orthodox emojis these coordinate with, but I don’t know, I just think Google has a really funny way with their take on these little globules of emotion. Regardless, I’m glad we’re all little globules of emotion on the inside.

Now tell me: Do you use emojis beyond texting or tweeting? How about emails at work or to cool singers? Can you find me the mystery emoji?


Wondering Lately | Slow food, smashing oranges and saving the planet

It’s SUMMER. Let’s all take a deep breath. I’m the only one here, so I’ll go ahead and do that now.

Aahhh. Better. Summer as we’re taught through the merry-go-round of August/September—May/June school years is a time for sun and laughter and breathing. Yeah, no, totally not allowed to breathe while homework is on the brain. 😂

In the late morning today, I spent a good couple hours just slowly reheating some French toast and bacon in a small pan on the stove, and set out to squeeze some fresh orange juice. To be honest I wasn’t sure if the orange I found in the fridge was still good so I was too delighted not to take a selfie (or two) with it.


Okay okay 😂 serious stuff now—let’s talk about religion and not wasting bacon.

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Wondering Lately | Bittersweet and free

In Father of the Bride, Steve Martin is disgruntled to meet his son-in-law to be, the man his smart, gorgeous firstborn daughter meets in Europe. It’s bittersweet for him to scoff that the guy’s an independent communications consultant. Independent? That means he can’t get a job!

Nineties rom-coms are my heart’s song. We’ll have to talk later. Over hot chocolate. And Meg Ryan.

For this dad it’s bittersweet to have ammo for exasperation, yet…exasperation. What’s been bittersweet for me today is, well, a lot of things. A lot of really sweet. Not exasperating. 😂 Isn’t it funny how just tiny drop of bitter can be such a barnacle in comparison? Relatively light, barely even noticeable, yet somehow so sticky in the most impish way. Read More »

Wondering Lately | Refresh Routine

When asked about guilty pleasures, watching YouTube beauty guru videos comes to mind. But I’m really not guilty about it, so it’s not an actual answer!

There’s just something about being a girl with her computer gathering tips and tricks from other ladies on the internet. It starts with the cosmetic/hair/fashion play, but as one with no big sisters, I’ve found a little bit of that sisterly advice through YouTube ever since beginning to watch Michelle Phan in 8th grade—when homework loads began to have me burning the midnight oil while my family went to bed.

How oddly specialized to the interwebby world we live in! We’re certainly citizens of the 21st century.

I’ve placed a few favorite videos in order from shortest to longest, for your viewing convenience. Here’s a few I return to simply because I find them refreshing:

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Wondering Lately | T. Swizzle’s Reign of 2014

Maybe this should go under Noggin Noms, and not Wondering Lately.
Neh, it’s Wondering Lately.

You know it by now—with the release of “1989” and pretty much all she’s done this year, 2014 has quite the year for Taylor Swift. She has not merely “transformed” her image, but sharpened it, defined more of what she wants to say and is saying (and singing) more about it—how she wants to.

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Wondering Lately | Rhythm Ritual

Hey look! It’s been a week since my last post in this series so it looks like we’re moving in a good direction! Fabulous.

Here’s what’s up next:

I love Claire Marshall. I don’t even really remember which was the first video of hers I saw, but HeyClaire is one of my absolute favorites on YouTube. Her editing skills are crazy and her timing with well-selected remixes is so good. Not to mention her knack for layering pieces whether colors, textures, moods for food and style.

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